Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

Some homeowners actually like to do projects around their house. Others just like to do fix it projects both since they appreciate that kind of work, but additionally since they want to save cash.

There are some tasks that a typical do it yourselfer really should not attempt on their own. One of these is anything to do with 220 volt power. Any sort of error in this area could be quickly deadly.

One more job that some people try to do themselves is that of changing their garage door torsion springs. While making a mistake changing a torsion spring is not likely to be deadly, it can create significant injury.

The ordinary torsion spring is good for roughly 10,000 cycles of the garage door . There are updated springs which you can put in that will last 15,000 cycles or even more.

A 10,000 cycle rated spring with usual use will enable your garage door spring to last from 7 to 10 years. Once this time duration has passed, your garage door will unexpectedly fail to open one day.

This will involve changing of your garage door springs . You may have torsion springs or you may have extension springs. The extension springs that are found at each side of the door will need to be replaced at the same time. The springs should additionally be balanced so the door will work appropriately.

There are a lot of things included when you do garage door torsion spring repair work. You will need to know the design of spring used, the actual measurements such as the diameter of the spring, the width and length, the capability, and the quantity of torque needed. This can be rather a complex job for an amateur and it won’t help that the spring is currently damaged.

You could think this is a really good Do It Yourself project but it is most definitely a good idea to call a professional who understands ways to do a correct garage door spring replacement. The technician will have the correct tools to determine what kind of springs should be used and his experience and proficiency will enable him to troubleshoot the issue precisely.

Performing this repair work by yourself can pose numerous safety risks. This is specifically true if you are a newbie at repair work. The torsion springs can quickly snap back and damage anyone working on them. There are a large number of injuries from garage door repair work each year. In order to prevent any type of damage being done to you, you should call a garage door technician.

You can look in the phonebook for companies that do garage door torsion spring repair work. You could also want to do some research on the internet for companies that do torsion spring repair work. Because this is not a DO-IT-YOURSELF project, you will discover that paying for a seasoned installer will deliver good and safe results in garage door torsion spring repair work.